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Wow, she looks entirely too much like Klez. She needs more blood on her, I think.
But they're in two different series, so I gues it's okay.
Check out the half-assed attempt at making her see through. I suck.
And who would've thought she'd be so hard to color? There's, what? Two colors on 'er?

Just trying out a new style. Much better looking than the other one (I think so, anyway). Matches the (crappy) style of coloring, too.
That's a guy, by the way. He tries to act more human (he was born on another planet), but the last book written about humans was in the 18th century. On women.
So he thinks this is how modern human men dress and act.
The thing is, it's pretty common knowledge (on his planet) that they don't. It's just that no one has the heart to tell him....


Can quit anytime she wants
Su~ure you can.

Just some jester boy (seriously) I've had floating in my head.
Oekaki hurts.

You suck, Klez.


A remake of the second one.

No Comment...

My first oekaki in almost a year.
Ko-Ra (I'm not sure if that's her name yet), the goddess o' love. I'm thinking about doing a whole series of these, even if I'll probably forget about it.
The star might be upside down, I don't know... I think it's a symbol for Venus, but I'm not sure...

Yes, my mom is making me read 'The Da Vinci Code'...

Just'a practicing wings.

Yes, another drawing of Chikabi. It's not like she's easy to draw, either.
Atleast it's better looking than the other two. Strange, since it was a 10-minute pen sketch.
I can't believe how thin she was in the others. And flat chested. That too.

My first (good) drawing in Painter.

And here's where I started coloring in this... sloppy looking style.
Yet, it's half the time, half the effort, and it looks better. What the hell is that about?
Anyway, as you can see, I can't draw guns. Ever.
What's weird is, this is my first drawing of her. Usually it takes weeks (or months, depending on how lazy I'm being) for me to make a 'final image' of a character.

And to your left is the reason I stopped trying to color realisticly. This thing took my an hour. An hour.
Not to mention the strain put on my eyes trying to do the shading.
And it's still crappy.

Again with Painter. Too bad the I can't figure out how to color it without going over the lines. I can't get the layers to work, so I'll have to keep coloing in Photoshop.

Experimenting with Painter....
It's not going well......

That Guy
I don't who this guy is. Either he's Raiven's father or some guy who's stalking him. Or both. Yeah, it's both.

I suck at coloring hair....

Ez and Klez
Why are they such a bitch to draw? It's not like they're complicated or anything. Maybe it's that they have to look the same? Or maybe it's that they're always hugging or something like that.

Er.. no comment?

The last time I drew her was when I first started using PrismaColor markers.... some time last year, was it?

Cel shading is painful.

And somehow I know I'll never be able to draw the mallet consistently.....

Well, considering this is only the third time I've drawn her, I think it turned out pretty good. Aside from her head, which is a little too big. But that's it. Oh. And her neck? It's supposed to be that long. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Her eye looks weird. Since I'm so bad at drawing the right eye to look like the left eye, I was planing to trace it from the original(I sketch it on lined paper and then trace it). Buuuut, I made the left eye too big or too far inward that it wouldn't fit. So. There.

This is my first drawing of her since... I don't remember. Almost a year? I think the last one of her was THIS one. Holy crap.... that's old.

Done on 9"x12" canvas with a Sharpie. I love this thing, for reasons unknown. Maybe it was the fumes. I didn't stop coloing the background the whole time. Which was... 15 minutes? It took around 45-or so minutes to finish the whole thing. Anyway, Nicnivin is actually Hari, only with a less sucky name. She was the first deity that I made (mid-'02), so that makes sence. She was actually somewhat important in the begining, but now I made her into a puppet. Puppet goddess. What's that, anyway?

I think this turned out pretty good, considering how "mad" I was when I was tracing/inking it. See, after I'd finished coloring it, my cat knocked over a vase which was in the middle of the counter (for reasons unknown) onto it. Aaaaand it turned pink. So I had to trace it using mom's SUCKY 3x5 lightbox................. SUCKY!

Mura, in his.... dragony form. It was based off the Piasa, only without the wings. Took me over a month to finish it, namely because I forgot about it the next day. It was just a sketch done in 5 minutes and colored in a few hours(over two days).

Her head looks big. I dunno why. I'm pretty sure the head/body size is supposed to be 1:6. And it is. But it doesn't look like it. Crap.

Hey, lookit him go. *floats* I designed the costume when I was either: (A)Under severe artist block. OR (B)Drunk.

Uhh.... smoking kills, unless you're immortal?

Holy crap. That's some sucky coloring. Boy, I sure wish I knew what I was on when I thought her up. What is she? Some sort of....... ninja-pirate?

I took me all day to come up with this costume. And yet it sucks.

Karakaze (Color)
The same drawing, only in color. I changed the weapon-thingy a bit, though. I mean, what's a stick gonna do? Huh? Now, a stick with pointy things on the end, that's another story...

By the time I noticed how short she turned out, it was too late. Curse you!

Arashi again..
Same image, only colored in Photoshop. Unfinished.

The mummy's curse?

Pashmina Pixel
Just as the title says.

Another Karakaze drawing. This time it's not colored, therefor not pink. And it a lot less crappy.

That's a guy. No, really. He is.

Dsonoqua Sketch/CG
Bahaha....I love this thing. Took me forever. Everything's to scale, too. Sorta. That's a first. Her right leg's a bit weird. But whatever. Oh, and she's leaning foreward, so that's why it looks like she has no neak. I dunno if that turned out right.

This is weird. It looks like his arm is to the back, when it's really to the front. And it looks like he's holding the sword above the ground. Crap. Anyway, this is Takkun. The guy everyone seems to mistakefor a girl. For some reason. Maybe it's the dress.... thing. I don't see why they like him so much. He isn't even a pretty girl.

Hari, Crystal demi-goddess
Not-bane of my existance sketchy colored deal.

This thing.... arg. For one it took me forever to draw it, only to find that I drew it on the backside of the paper. The thing with Copic marker pads. One side's normal, while the other will NOT absorb ANYTHING. So marker ink dries right away, making it impossible to color or shade large spaces. And pen ink won't go one as well. So I ink it, trace it, and ink it again. I don't have a lightbox, mind you. I have to pull the glass off the coffee table a bit and put a flashlight under it. And then it takes me several days to find a way to color it, then do so. And it looks like she's tilting to the side, too. Arg.

The Sedge

Just a quick sketch, colored. Don't ask me why he's screaming. I don't know.

Weird red-death ghost girl. Obey her!

Another old thing. Hand-drawn in Photoshop. And not too.... crappy. But very very pink. Yeah. Pink. Why's she so frickin' pink?

Wow. This thing is old. Back from when I used the line tool to outline. And it's still good. To me, anyway.